Category Planner

Deep dive in your category spend, consumption behaviour and contracts to uncover hidden opportunities. Develop the category roadmap and keep track of initiatives, ensuring alignment on category objectives with key stakeholders and leadership team.

Sagacitas Actionable Insights - Data visualisation - category plan - spend analysis -opportunity identification -category roadmap
Sagacitas Actionable Insights - Category Manager - spend trends - consumption behaviour - market changes -supplier news - action plans - project management -sustainability - difot

Category Manager

Proactively identify category risk and manage your supplier and contracts. Closely monitor market trends and identify innovation to keep your category strategies relevant to the business and market environment, ensuring continuity in value delivery.

CPO Dashboard

Obtain a holistic view of your procurement organization, stay on top of modern slavery, sustainability and corporate social responsibility, track key initiatives and supply chain risks, and identify opportunities and innovation across your whole spend.

Sagacitas Actionable Insights - CPO Dashboard - top level spend view - key projects - sustainability - modern slavery - corporate social responsibility - supplier performance - supply risks opportunities
Sagacitas Actionable Insights - Advanced Analytics - RFx analytics - consumption analytics - bechmarks - AI - Machine Learning

Advanced Analytics

Each organization is at a different stage in their digitalization journey. Your journey does not need to de linear, you can leverage your data and emerging technologies in many different ways, ways that are most meaningful for your organization.