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Spend Categorisation

Having trouble with your spend visibility?
Your team spend endless hours analysing spend?

Try our spend categorisation AI tool, developed by Procurement experts who understand the need for driving value through the supply chain at a fast pace.

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Data Normalisation

Multiple supplier names, free text descriptions and poor use of units of measure, are some of the most common challenges to achieve good spend visibility.

We use ML and AI to normalise your procurement data and uncover hidden opportunities.

Data De-duplication

A coma, a dot, abbreviation, and the words' order contribute to records duplication, making it difficult to users to find the right products and services, impacting self-service and resulting on new duplicates, creating a never-ending cycle.

We help organisation eliminate duplicate records and stop this cycle.

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Data Enrichment

Connect external data sources to your data to identify market trends, risks, and opportunities in real time, add new dimensions and become more proactive.