Find actionable insights in your data

Whatever is the quality of your procurement data, we’ll help you identify and deliver value opportunities.

Sagacitas Actionable Insights - Procurement Analytics - AI

Categorise, Enrich &
Transform Your Data

Sagacitas - data processing services - data cleansing - data enrichment - data transformation -actionable insights

Categorize your spend at line item level by using invoices and PO descriptions. Leverage a standard 3 level taxonomy to get the spend granularity required.

Aggregate spend at supplier parent company level. Identify potential risks in your supply chain by staying on top of what is happening.

Eliminate duplication in your Material Master reducing your inventory costs while improving spare parts and consumables availability.

Look at your spend data from a different perspective identify
key trends and behaviours that
will help shape your

Connect the Dots and
Draw Insights

Say goodbye to static charts, tables and power point presentations, say hello to data interaction by leveraging latest data visualisation technology tailored to your needs.

Sagacitas - Category Planner - Category Roadmap -Spend Insights -Procurement Behaviour

Category Planner

Deep dive in your category spend to uncover hidden opportunities.

Sagacitas - Category Manager - Market Insights - Spend and market trends - procurement initiative tracking

Category Manager

Proactively identify category risk and manage contracts.

Sagacitas - CPO Dashboard - procurement sustainability - procurement social responsibility - modern slavery - procurement initiative tracking

CPO Dashboard

Obtain a holistic view of your procurement organization.